A Return to Normal?

A Return to Normal?


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Prior to the pandemic, we were always rushing around.  We complained we were busy, bragged how busy we were, exhausted ourselves just talking about how busy we were.  Then Covid-19 hit and overnight our calendars cleared.  There were no carpools to coordinate and no forgotten early dismissal notes for dentist appointments.  We fell asleep knowing that tomorrow would just....be.

That day, three months ago, would be the start of a whole new experience and a whole new sense of busy and collectively, we hated it. We adjusted, got into a more simple routine and made it work.  Some of you may even have found some silver linings, like when you noticed no one asked you about plans for the weekend, there was no need - each weekend was the same. 

So as we start reconnecting IRL, let's not forget about some of those conveniences that we can still take advantage of online to cut out the busyness  of the day to day and remain focused on what matters most.

  • TeleHealth- sometimes called telemedicine, minimizes exposure and risk for patient and healthcare workers alike.  Rather than sit in a waiting room or more recently, your car, you can speak with your physicians, nurses, at your appointment time from the comfort of your home.  
  • Grocery Delivery - So many local businesses developed a way to serve their customers without having them step inside a brick and mortar store.  Time savers like grocery delivery and curbside pick up are here to stay.
  • Long Distance Celebrations - Being in a different house, different town, different states didn't matter.  Being present was a gift and in some families that meant a sharing a meal with a tablet at the table. Platforms like Zoom and Greenlight’s fiber-optic internet connection make staying in touch easy! For more information, check out our blog on video chatting and how to stay connected.
  • Take Home Meals - Okay, this one isn't new, but how nice was it to pull up and have a fully prepared hot meal and beverages ready to take home.
  • Education - We saw remote learning in action with students across the country. While we expect in room instruction to resume in the fall, online courses are a great option for those looking to add to our enhance their professional skills. Have you read our blog Learning Interrupted?
  • E-Commerce - Virtual open houses, no contact car purchases, even online home design services with home renovation companies can take place when convenient to your schedule.
  • Streaming ServicesCompanies like Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ stepped up and produced more content than ever for those days and nights we spent at home. Be sure to cut the cord from cable and save money while continuing to enjoy your favorite shows and movies!

To check out the other virtual conveniences, visit Greenlight's blog. Right now is the perfect time to stop living without limits and join the Greenlight family.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are upgrading upload speeds for orders in Serviceable Greenlight Districts at no additional charge. Your upload speed will match your download speed (500/500, 750/750, 1000/1000, 2000/2000). Place your order today to get the most out of these virtual resources!  



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