Video Chatting: How to Stay Connected

Video Chatting: How to Stay Connected


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As we are all adjusting to our “work and learn from home” lifestyles, there are many things to take into account. Getting your work done, staying organized, keeping connected with the family and keeping the kids entertained are a few of the many thoughts running through all of our minds. Today’s technology gives us many opportunities to use video capabilities to accomplish each of these goals. Keep reading below to find out how you can chat, educate, learn, laugh and watch.. all while staying at home!

FaceTime: Many of us are familiar with this function on our cell phones. You’re able to chat with a friend, face-to-face, from anywhere! But… did you know that you can have multiple people in the call?  It’s true! Add up to 32 of your friends, family or co-workers to keep in touch. Learn more here.

Make your first group FaceTime call today:

  • In FaceTime, tap + at the top right.
  • Type the names or numbers of the people you want to call in the entry field at the top.
  • You can also tap + to open Contacts and add people from there.
  • Tap Video  to make a video call or tap Audio  to make a FaceTime audio call.


Zoom: A platform to have video and audio conference calls and chats with up to 100 people. Sign-up for the FREE version here!

A few things you can do with Zoom:

  • Team meetings
  • Webinars
  • Online read aloud
  • Virtual Happy Hour
  • Play Pictionary with friends
  • Dance party with your neighbor


Facebook Live: Elevate your social media experience while keeping friends and family members looped into your life! All you need is a Facebook account and to sign in here!

Why Facebook Live?:

  • Immediate communication and interaction
    • Great for businesses and local shops & restaurants!
  • Chat with viewers while recording
  • Great for question and answer sessions!
  • Educate others on ways to give back during this difficult time
    • Start a fundraiser!
  • Save the post so you can view again at another time


House Party: A face-to-face social network to be together, without being together. Create your account here!

Why should I join the party? 

  • Low-key, organic conversations
  • App allows you to see which of your "friends" are available to chat 
  • Gaming platform allows you to do much more than talk!
  • Maximum of 8 people in each house allowed, but you can have multiple parties going at once

Want to learn more about living virtually? Click the button below: 

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