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9 Tips to get your Home ready for Fall

Fall is near and almost here! The time for Pumpkin Spice, everything, apple cider donuts, and corn mazes is (almost) upon us. While fall activities are full of excitement, prepping for the cooler months may not be. The good news is even though you[…]

Is Your Home Getting Gig(gy) with Fiber Internet?

The next-generation internet service, referred to as gigabit internet, has speeds that are up to 40 times quicker than the average home connection. With an average speed of 1,000 megabits per second (1 Gig), you can attend video conferences in[…]

Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, what's the difference?

A computer can be connected to your home network and internet service using either Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Many home routers allow you to connect using either method. Ethernet can provide quicker speeds, less interference, and occasionally better[…]

Get Learning at the Speed of Greenlight

Learning following the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that having a reliable internet connection is more essential nowadays than ever before. As summer comes to an end and many are getting ready to go back to school, it is time to talk about the[…]

Summer Smarts: 5 Tips for a Happy Summer

It is so important to design a summer that will make YOU happy. Summer break helps to regulate many of your internal processes, and it can be thought of as cognitive encouragement to refine your lifestyle. There are many ways to stay healthy, and[…]

Working from Home: Made Easier with Fiber Internet

National Work from Home Day is celebrated on June 30th of each year. Many people who work from home understand how essential high-quality Internet is for working effectively. With the steady increase in people working from home, today is the perfect[…]

Does Your Home Internet Pass the Test?

How much Internet speed do you need? This is a question you may find yourself asking every time you need to renew your Internet service plan or pay your bill. Knowing which broadband service plan is right for you and your household isn’t always the[…]

Increase Your Home Value with Fiber Internet

A study conducted by Fiber to the Home Council Americas (FTTH) found that homes in neighborhoods with a fiber connection can see an increase in value up to 3.1% or $5,437. Studies have also shown that home buyers are choosing where to live based on[…]

Router Firmware 101: Should I update my router firmware?

One topic often discussed when troubleshooting routers have to do with firmware. There is a lot of mystery around what it is or how the update could potentially resolve an issue with your home router. This article will define what firmware is, why[…]