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Greenlight is here to help you celebrate your Dad!

This Sunday, June 21st, 2020, is the day we celebrate the men who do the most in our lives! It is a day to give back to the tire changing, grass cutting, sports watching, dad-joke making fathers (or other important male figures) who have given us so[…]

Celebrating 2020 Grads!

Graduating, especially during a global pandemic, is an amazing accomplishment. Whether it was from high school, college or grad school, you deserve to be celebrated. So how do you mark one of life's most memorable milestones without the traditional[…]

21 Fun Social Distancing Ideas

While some parts of the country are starting to slowly re-open in phases, our new normal will be much different. We must take precautions to protect ourselves and the people around us. As we all know, social distancing can get boring and it is easy[…]

Virtual Book Clubs

At this point in social distancing, we’re all looking for new ways to keep ourselves entertained. You’ve binge watched the latest Netflix releases, cooked new Pinterest-worthy recipes and brought the dog on 12 walks a day. So now what?

Which Roku is best for you?!

One of the most recommended streaming products in the market today is the Roku. Rokus are compatible with the most popular streaming providers available today and have a very user friendly interface.

Can Everyone Hear Me Okay?

"Can everyone? Can? Sorry, can everyone hear me okay?"

HBO Max: What is it and When is it coming?

HBO Max is the latest streaming service to compete for your binge time. Launching May 27th, HBO Max will feature a combination of legacy TV Shows, movies and original programming for $14.99/month.

Save Money with Greenlight and Streaming

  During this time of economic uncertainty and stress, Greenlight is here for you! We understand Internet service is essential for families working, learning and living virtually. Fiber internet is 5 times faster than cable internet, which provides[…]

How Green Is Your Thumb?

Spring is finally springing all around us and for many of us that means getting your gardens ready or at least thinking about it.  Greenlight Networks wants to know... how green is your thumb?