Celebrating 2020 Grads!

Celebrating 2020 Grads!



Graduating, especially during a global pandemic, is an amazing accomplishment. Whether it was from high school, college or grad school, you deserve to be celebrated. So how do you mark one of life's most memorable milestones without the traditional ceremonies and parties?  The team at Greenlight Networks shares how to give your virtual graduation celebration just the right amount of pomp & circumstance. 

A Grad Lives Here -  Lawn signs, banners and window signs are a great way to honor your grad and share their accomplishments with friends, neighbors and that random driver passing by. Check out Card My Yard for fun ideas for your grad.
Graduation Parade - Once the signs are up, get your grad a front road seat for drive by well wishes.  
Dinner by Cameralight - Just because you aren't at the same table doesn't mean you can't enjoy a celebratory meal with your fan club.  Schedule a dinner party with family and friends you really want to celebrate with.  Everyone can order the same meal - or personalize your choice to suit your preferences, then set up a Zoom or FaceTime call to toast and eat together during dinner. It’ll feel (almost) like a fancy dinner out to celebrate the party guest of honor’s graduation.
Graduation Keepsake - Have the graduate’s family and friends send in videos with well wishes or photos of their favorite memories and put them all together in a video presentation using Vimeo or PicPlayPost. It’s an easy thing to surprise someone with on a Zoom call, and it feels incredibly special. Including hilarious baby and awkward stage photos are, of course, encouraged.
Customized Sweets - What could be sweeter than a donut with your grad's image on it?  Maybe some grad cookies or cupcakes celebrating all things 2020. Customized confections from Cakes By Karen, Village Bakery and Scratch Bake Shop can satisfy any sweet tooth! 
Create a Grad Fund

Does your grad obsess about visiting their dream destination?  Plan a themed Zoom party around it. If the person has always wanted to go to Paris, send them fancy macaroons or a fondue kit. Play music and make your Zoom background Parisian scenes. Then, at the end of the call, tell them that you’ve all chipped in to start an “Paris vacation” fund for them for whenever travel is able to happen again. Having something to look forward to is always a good idea!

For the grad who follows the stars, you might be able to find their favorite reality television star or sports star on Cameo and book them. You can have them congratulate the graduate and then surprise them with it. Just make sure you can see their face when they watch the video message!

Regardless of how you commemorate your commencement, Greenlight Networks congratulates you!  We're happy to play a small part in keeping you connected. 

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