8 Tips to Prepare For Back to School

8 Tips to Prepare For Back to School


If you are working remotely, have school age children, or both back-to-work and back-to-school will look different this fall. We want to help you and your family prepare for all that is to come your way. Regardless of your planned path ahead, your home's bandwidth now plays a major role in that plan. Eliminate buffering, slow loading speeds, dropped zoom calls and lag time by signing up for New York’s Fastest Fiber-Optic Internet Provider!

  1. Stay connected by becoming a Greenlight Networks customer – place your order here!
  2. Run a speed test to make sure your network is operating at optimal levels.  If it's been a while since you last upgraded your router, take a look at our Router Recommendations.
  3. Create a designated work or classroom space in a quiet, distraction free space.
  4. The average household has over ten internet enabled devices in use at the same time. From Smart TVs, laptops and tablets to smart phones, house assistants and Wi-Fi enabled appliances, you're probably using more bandwidth than you realize. Consider the applications that will most frequently be in use at the same time
  5. Unsure of how much bandwidth is enough? Broadband Now has a four-question bandwidth calculator to help take the guesswork out of your home network needs.
  6. Back to school shopping – check out an all-inclusive list for a successful home workspace!
  7. Google “Free Printable Calendar” and customize your daily schedule. Whether it’s adding in recess for the kids or quiet time to watch your favorite show, a schedule will help keep things structured and stress-free!
  8. Plan for hiccups. Create a mindset that allows you to work through issues that will arise during this unfamiliar way of working and learning.  


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