What is Zoombombing and How to Avoid It?

What is Zoombombing and How to Avoid It?


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Zoom conferences are the way to stay in touch during this time of social distancing. Whether using Zoom for work or for fun, many of us are spending more time conferencing with others. With the increase in Zoom conferences comes the increase in Zoombombers.

What are Zoombombers? Zoombombers are intruders that are disrupting Zoom chats with profanity and inappropriate images.

Effective ways to avoid Zoombombers

  • In Settings and when creating new meeting, opt to Generate Automatically.
  • Don’t use your Personal Meeting ID, which is your unique 10-digit number. If you use this number, anyone with this number could join the meeting at any time.
  • Always require a Meeting Passcode
  • Turn on the feature called Waiting Room, which requires attendees to be admitted by the host. See below for instructions:
    1. Sign into Zoom web portal
    2. Click meetings and select a meting topic or schedule a new meeting.
    3. Under meeting options, select Enable Waiting Room
  • Make sure you are the only person who can Share Your Screen. See below for instructions:
    1. In the meeting, tap the share screen button and select Advanced sharing options
  • Lock the room from the More Menu.
  • Mute participants in meeting from More Menu.
  • Remove participants names that you do not recognize.

Use these tips to keep your Zoom conferences safe from Zoombombers. Happy Zooming!

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