Boredom Busters: Gaming Edition

Boredom Busters: Gaming Edition



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In efforts to stay healthy and stop the spread of Coronavirus, we’re all social distancing and staying put in our homes. At this point, you may be running out of ideas to keep yourself occupied. Playing video games could be exactly what you need to beat the boredom. Even if you don’t frequently play video games, there are many options to keep you occupied for hours. You and your family can compete, play and enjoy video games without any buffering, lag time or slow loading speeds by using Greenlight's fiber-optic internet. Check out some of our favorite games here:

Facebook Gaming Tournaments: Pick your game, create a tournament, add your friends and let the gaming begin! This initiative is used to help support the World Health Organization’s Play Apart Together campaign.

Virtual Reality: Ideal VR Lab is the ultimate virtual reality family gaming experience! Guests and members can explore new worlds, solve puzzles, compete with friends, celebrate an event, host an e-sports tournament or start a learning adventure, all in a fully immersive virtual environment! Check out the link for more information and pricing.

EA Sports - Stay and Play: To help keep the gaming world connected, EA Sports is offering a variety of virtual activities such as live streaming Madden NFL tournaments and The Sims 4 “play together” event. See how you can join the fun today!

Animal Crossing: Many people that are looking for an escape find themselves isolated in a private island where money falls from trees and interact with pudgy anthropomorphic animals. In this game you will be responsible for creating a thriving society and will keep anyone (gamer or not) occupied for hours.

Active Video Games: Everyone is looking for new ways to stay active at home, and you can do this while playing video games! Games like Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch involve cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening exercises in an interval structure, on top of more traditional game storytelling and animation.

Doom Eternal: Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop destruction of humanity.

Super Mario Maker 2: Let your imagination run wild while you can create and then play the Super Mario courses of your dreams!

Greenlight Networks Amazon Store: You could have a new gaming system to your door in just a few days with an Amazon Prime membership. Check out our Amazon Store where we’ve added gaming systems, streaming devices and anything else you would need to beat the boredom while social distancing!

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