Travel the World (Virtually)

Travel the World (Virtually)


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Spring Break is just around the corner. This an opportunity that many in the Greater Rochester area use to escape the gray, gloomy weather and travel to sunnier, warmer climates. Unfortunately, with everything happening with the COVID-19 virus and the necessary precautions we must take, many people had to cancel their planned vacations this Spring. However, you still can “visit” and learn about different locations around the globe from your couch. Some of the most famous museums, monuments and national parks in the world are providing opportunities to view their most famous exhibits via the Internet.   Use Greenlight’s fiber-optic network to travel virtually to places you have always wanted to see.

Below are links to virtual tours of the most famous tourist attractions in the world.

The Louvre

The Sistine Chapel

The Guggenheim

Yosemite National Park

Van Gogh Museum

Yellowstone National Park

Museum of Modern Art

British Museum

Metropolitan Opera House (free streams live daily at 7:30 pm.)

Buckingham Palace

Eiffel Tower

Want to see more of the word? Try Virtual Reality! Below is a list of the best Virtual Reality Travel Apps. Use the apps below to go anywhere in the globe.

Google Cardboard (iOS, Android)

Google Street View (iOS, Android)

Sites in VR (iOS, Android)

VR Showcase (iOS, Android)

Most of these have the option to just view destinations on your phone, however if you want to have the best virtual reality experience, you will need special gear when using the apps. Check out Google Cardboard, OculusRift, PlayStation VR by Sony, Samsung Gear VR or Homido MINI to buy a consumer-level headset. Google Cardboard also has instructions for you to create your own DIY Cardboard headset.

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