Virtual Book Clubs

Virtual Book Clubs



At this point in social distancing, we’re all looking for new ways to keep ourselves entertained. You’ve binge watched the latest Netflix releases, cooked new Pinterest-worthy recipes and brought the dog on 12 walks a day. So now what?

Enjoy a little “me time” by joining a virtual book club! As you are reading those words, you may be having PTSD flashbacks from your high school English class. Let me start off by saying the MANY book club options in 2020 are diverse, unique, fun and cater to your interests. They also all work differently – some involve virtual books and discussion groups, while others allow you to connect with others via social media. While diving into a good book or virtually enjoying a cup of coffee with a fellow reader, be sure to stay connected with your Greenlight fiber-optic internet. It’s 5x faster and $20 cheaper than cable Internet! Can you imagine clicking through your murder mystery e-book with only 20 pages to go, and all the sudden you lose internet connection?! If you are a Greenlight customer, you do not have to worry about any buffering, lag time or slow loading speeds. Sign up for service today and check out some of our favorite virtual book clubs to join below:

Basics of Britt: For the reader who NEEDS a hard copy of the book.

ROCHESTER LOCAL SPOTLIGHT! Britt Petrone is a Rochester-native who is getting creative in quarantine. She began a book exchange through social media. After she posts with the details, those who expressed interest would receive a private message of where to send a book (which can be done safely through Amazon or other online shops!). Britt makes sure that anyone who is participating sends 1 book, but could receive many more! If you’re interested in staying connected through books, follow her Instagram account linked above and send her a message!

FabFitFun: For the social media savvy who love to sip a glass of red wine while reading relatable life, love and self-care books.

Andrew Luck Book Club: For the sports fanatic that is going crazy without live sports on TV.

Poppy Loves Book Club: For the “go-getter” that wants to start a local book club while joining worldwide discussions daily!

Girls Night In Book Club: For the girl (or boy!) who needs to take a break from real life and indulge in a good read.

Re-blog Book Club: For the Tumblr lover that loves to observe, create and share pieces of art (including books!).

The Procrastinators Book Club: For the people who said they would clean out their closet during quarantine but haven’t had the time…

Social Book Club: For literary enthusiasts across the globe looking for engaging discussion groups on award-winning novels.

Literati Children's Book Club: For the kiddos who need to spice up that Summer reading list!

Reese Witherspoon Book Club: For the Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, Little Fire’s Everywhere lovers – AKA the Reese Witherspoon Fan Club!


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